Sunday, March 6, 2011

DIY Mask: Mask Base, Part 1

I made a custom mask & thought I'd share how I did it.
Heavy iron-on interfacing
~ 1/3 yard fabric for mask base; I used blue polyester crepe-backed satin
Sewing machine
Embellishments of your choice:
polymer clay

I started out with a mask template. Fold cardstock in half, find position of eye holes. Make sure they are large enough, or you'll have tunnel vision. I don't know about you, but that makes me claustrophobic. Then shape the outer lines of the mask. If you are making a fabric base, like the one pictured, less curved lines are easier. The satin I chose for the base frays like crazy, probably not the best choice, but it sure is pretty!

Once your template is drawn, Transfer it to your iron-on interfacing. Cut it out. Now do it again, as you'll need 2 of these.

Iron onto wrong side of your base fabric, leaving 1" around all edges, except eye-holes. Cut out each piece, with at least a 3/8" seam allowance.

Place mask pieces, right sides together & sew outside edges, making sure to sew just inside the lines of the interfacing.

This reduces fraying. Leave a 2" opening at the bottom side, for turning. Do not sew the eye-hole edges! Clip curved edges carefully & turn. Turning the mask is kind of a pain. Alternatively, if you plan to embellish all the outside edges, or if your fabric doesn't fray badly, you can place the pieces wrong sides together, & zig-zag all edges.

Zig-zag stitch around eye holes. You now have a mask base, with all kinds of embellishment opportunuties!