Monday, October 4, 2010

Glowing in the Dark Teasury

What a great surprise to find on a Monday Morning! I went to my Etsy shop, to check on the status, and found a convo from ToadstoolsNTreestump, that my Black Hearts on Fire Earrings had been included in their treasury. Whoot!

I love, love, love glow in the dark stuff, so I'm really excited to be included in this treasury!

To see the treasury, go here: Glowing in the Dark

Hope everybody's first Monday of October is going well. I hit the last day of the MN Ren Fest yesterday, after our Kids N Kin class. It wasn't long enough, but I'm glad I went! It was a beautiful day, lots of people were there, and it was prime people watching. My son worked up his courage to pet some snakes! He's always loved looking at them, and learning about them, but he was really hesitant to touch them. There were a bunch of people from the Herpitology Society, showing their snakes, and they were very friendly and informative. One beautiful albino Boa seemed friendly enough for him, and he faced his fears and touched the snake. It was awesome! Thanks to those wonderful people who were friendly and had patience.

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