Sunday, January 31, 2010

Love Jewelry

I love jewelry - that's why I make it! It's the opportunity to embellish yourself, add sparkle and interest to life. And by doing so, you share the sparkle with everyone who comes in contact with you. Everyone can use a little sparkle for fun, and with stones that are meaningful, the power of your sparkle increases. That's my theory for now.

So, with Valentine's day coming up, I made some Love Jewelry, jewelry I love, to express love and spread the love. Rose Quartz is one of my faves, so there's lots of that, for friendly love, protection and understanding. Also Carnelian for passion, Smoky quartz for the heart that needs protecting, and Garnet for commitment: to yourself, to your purpose, to the others in your life. And a person can't forget Tourmaline, lately my favorite stone, for inspiration, balancing, encouraging self-confidence, and transforming negativity to positivity.

Sacred Paths Center will be carrying some of the Love Jewelry by LilYkaT, and some will be available on Etsy. These are one-of-a-kind designs so will never be duplicated. I can make similar designs, but each piece is unique! And my supply of each type of stone is limited - although the husband thinks my two-hundred pounds of beads are closer to unlimited! LOL!

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