Monday, February 15, 2010

Challenge Won!!!


LilYkaT Studio won the Turning Wheel Challenge with the entry Wheel of the Sky Colorwheel Necklace . I'm so pleased and honored! It's my first Etsy Challenge win ever, and Wow! It feels great!

A big "Thank You!" goes out to the PaganTeam admins - the team has regrouped and been re-vamped through alot of hard work behind the scenes. They are doing a fabulous job and deserve some recognition! My husband has been a great support, and he was in the trenches, calling everybody he knows to go vote. My own personal lobbyist! He really went to bat for me & I'm humbled by his willingness to go out of his way like that, especially since our belief systems are quite different.

Last, but not least, a big Thanks to my Face-to-Face friends, and www friends who voted! You are what makes life fun, and you know who you are! ;)

Try to take the Handmade Challenge - to buy handmade whenever you can for gifts, supplies, and even everyday items! It helps our economy from the ground up - instead of hoping for bail-out trickle-down. Check out the PaganTeam Shop on Etsy For a collection of kewl Pagan, Goddess, Spellcraft & Witchy items you can't find elsewhere!

Thanks again, everyone! May your efforts come back to you in blessings multiplied!

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