Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Tarot For Trip Week

My friend & I were going on a lil trip, and we did a tarot spread to see how the Universe perceived it would go.... Our spread was a simple Past/Present/Future using the Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr:

Past: 0 Beginnings Tara
Present: 4 of Pentacles
Future: III Fertility Estsanatlehi

0 Tara - Innocence which protects. New Beginnings, optimism, trust, innocence.

4 Pents - Wealth & prosperity, stabilizing material forces in life. A family inheritance - this could be talent, money, land, etc.

III Estanatlehi - Feelings of fertility and abundance. A new relationship which celebrates one's growth as a woman. Creativity.

We decided it was a good layout - and pretty accurate.

I purposely brought alternate art materials along, not my beads or clay. We're going to do some drawing, sightseeing, and general relaxing out of our normal environment. We're getting a new perspective, and it helps to expand my vision of what's possible right now.

Her doggie, Romi, is my best friend already, protecting me from everybody & everything, especially the bloodhound, Clyde! Romi's a large black lab, very affectionate and protective. Quite the contrast from my cats! I could have had her when my friend moved, and although I regret not having such a great animal companion, I think Misti needed her more. She's an awesome dog! I was glad to see Misti & get to see Romi & Clyde and the whole family again. It was a total surprise that we took this detour, but I'm really happy to see her new home. It's so cute & comfortable - and her SO cleans! Bonus!

We got re-routed from destination TX to MO. Long story involving her Dad's health. But, we avoid having to drive through a storm in TX & I get to see her place instead. Hopefully, her Dad will heal fast & well and it'll work out for him, too. We hope his upcoming treatments will be as effective as possible.

So, we are relaxing, checking out the MO sights, a lil shopping, and having girlfriend time. I miss my guys, but I hope they'll have some father/son bonding time.


  1. sounds like the cards were right on as usual. I used to pull a card a day to see what my overall day would be like. At one point for a week straight I kept pulling the Empress III.

    No matter which deck I used or how often I shuffled the cards it was Empress every time. It turns out I was pregnant - the Tarot is an amazing tool.

  2. Congratulations on becoming the 100th follower of my blog!Let me know if you would like a story or a set of poems or visualisations for the wheel of the year and an email address and I'll send them over to you.

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