Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Growth of the GreenChild Necklace

The Challenge for April for the HandMadeMN team is Growth. That's pretty wide open, and can be interpreted so many different ways. I finished my Challenge piece and it is listed here:
Growth of the GreenChild Necklace

I was pretty proud, I took the above pic by myself, of myself... camera in one hand, mirror in the other, deep breath, try to make the shoulders look relaxed... don't move!

The face for this pendant was a mold that I resculpted. My former business partner absconded with a bunch of my molds (among other things). I hope they bless her abundantly in the way she deserves to be blessed! Because of the now-scarce molds & that the leaves are a custom clay mixture and hand sculpted, this pendant won't ever be made again! She has so much motion - very much like a child on the playground swings. This is a very fun piece, and at the same time, very meaningful! My description on Etsy is more in-depth. Hope you can get there to check it out!

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