Thursday, April 1, 2010

I delivered my framed necklace to the Goddess Art show today. Exciting! It was a bit nerve-wracking, as I've never had an art piece in a juried show before. After my necklace (that I originally designed for the PaganTeam Harvest Challenge!) was accepted, I was hesitant... I don't have a mannequin, or half-mannequin. The necklace is pretty large, and a little grey neck sitting on a shelf or table wouldn't do it justice! Especially if it was surrounded by sculptures, and framed paintings (is my insecurity showing?).

Sooo... I decided I could have my Nettie Doll (burlap Goddess doll, about 2 feet tall) model the necklace, or I could frame the necklace. Why not? It's art! I've got a few containers of dupioni silk, and I could just picture the necklace against the silk. But the colors I first thought would look great, didn't quite do it. Then I ran across this two-toned embroidered Spring green iridescent dupioni with leaves and a few sequined flowers... perfect! And I can use the leftovers for a little bag I have planned...

Then for a frame... ran to Joann's looking for a rough wood frame - couldn't find what I wanted in my price range. So, went for an antiqued wood with a few flecks of metallic. Looks aged and organic...and it was on sale for 40% off! I dug around and found batting (luckily, I'm a fabriholic) for a little dimensional feel. There were already holes in the back of the frame, so I used those to wire the necklace in. But... the glass was glued. Glued?!? They never glue the glass in... no wonder it was on sale! I loosened it with nail polish remover, then tried to get it out. Ended up breaking it. Thankfully, it broke in large pieces, and I was wearing gloves. Easy clean-up, no cuts.

Took pics, packed me, the framed piece & the child (on Spring Break) into the car & headed down to St. Paul (about 30 miles). Dropped off the framed piece, visited with the people at the shop for a while, shopped for some candles & stones, and headed home in traffic. Was only stopped on the highway a few times, and it was a beautiful day. Good tunes on the radio, and the crazy drivers were 2 lanes away from me - thank the Goddess! Got the child fed & my friend came over for some facebook lessons. We had fun setting her up.

I feel like I accomplished alot today! Just framing the necklace made me view my creations in a way I've never seen them before. I always say it's art, but today, I really feel it. I highly recommend that everybody take one of their creations and treat it like you are putting it on display. Frame it, feature it, gussy it up like it's going to a museum! Then step back and see how you feel about it.

I should have known this. I had my husband frame one of my son's drawings for me for Mother's day one year. That's all I would tell him I wanted! He did it. And my son is so proud. People notice his art when they come in, and ask me if I'm painting again (I used to oil paint when I was younger). It makes him feel worthwhile, and he just beams. Why is it so easy to show approval and pride in our child, and not ourselves? I'm changing that today!

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