Monday, April 19, 2010

Treasury East - New!

So, Etsy now has Treasury East, Along with the Treasury and Treasury West. I knew nothing about it! Until Sacred Suds let me know she put my Labyrinth into a Treasury she made there. That's the best kind of surprise to get!

View her Treasury, Journey to Center, here : Treasury East Journey to Center.

So, After thanking her for including me, I browsed around & it appeared that there was a possibility to make my own treasury. So I did! Yay! Please take a look:
Splendid, Spectacular Spring

And I realized that I haven't posted birthstones for April. Diamonds, mainly, but there's more. I'll post that tomorrow.

Happy Earth Week to everybody! Leave a comment about what you're doing to make the Earth a healthier and better place to live in now and in the future. Our Kids N Kin family Sunday School picked up garbage in a park near the University of Minnesota.

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