Monday, May 2, 2011

New Inspiration!

It all started when we went to a MN Swarm game.... well,... we tried. A vendor of DH's gave him tickets, said they'd be at Will Call. So we pack up the family & make the haul 45 minutes to the Exel Center. Then pay for parking. Get to Will Call, no tickets. Under his name, rep's name, company name... nothing! Call the guy, he doesn't pick up his phone (he later swears that the tickets were there). So... we are in downtown St. Paul, with teenaged child in tow. What to do? The Science Museum is right across the street, I almost had them going... but, look! A motorcycle show! I'm outvoted, and we go to the motorcycle show. Not my first choice, but I decide to make the best of it. Well... OMG! I think all the really talented artists are painting motorcycles and inking tattoos. Who knew? Besides the wonderful people-watching, it really was a feast of colors, textures, and lots of really incredible artwork on those bikes. So, thanks irresponsible rep, for jumpstarting my inspiration.

Then, when I get home, I check on the library website, and they have some books on tattoo art. This stuff can translate to woodburning pretty easily, and they really have some great tribal designs. My new batch of spoons has benefited greatly from this new inspiration.

I brought the top batch of 8 spoons into Sacred Paths Center today, and Teisha agreed that this group shows some artistic growth, without losing the whimsy. I'm sending them "sell" vibes. Feel free to join me!

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