Monday, May 16, 2011

Goose Lake ArtFarm Endeavor

May 14th, halfway into the month of May, Spring should be in the air, only 5 weeks from the longest day of the year. It should be in the high 60's or 70's in Minnesota, right? It was freakin' c-c-cold! On the first day of the Goose Lake Artfarm.

I haven't done a craft show for years. I was working, had my stuff in a couple shops, teenaged child needs alot of attention, loads of reasons. I enjoy shows, all the interpersonal contact, other creative people around. Well, I'm still unemployed, this show is close, & weekly, thought I'd give it a try. The location is a pleasant surprise! It's at a beautiful farm/winery, nestled in some scenic rolling farmland. You are greeted by dogs & chickens as you drive up. Miniature goats rush the fence & bleat for attention. A peacock struts across the gravel driveway. Wow!

The vendor space is in a very open & roomy greenhouse. Other vendors are friendly & helpful. We were right next to the cookie vendor. Yummy deliciousness! And they give away free bite-sized samples. But it was sooooo cold, that some people wouldn't even take their hands out of their pockets to get a free sample of a cookie! Not much wallet-reaching going on either.

By the time I got home, I couldn't feel my icy, blue toes! OK, that's a slight exaggeration... but I was chilled to the bone. I turned the heat back on in the house (and I'm very frugal, so this is really something!). Thankfully, we'd brought along extra cozy gear, so we didn't get really freezing. As we were unloading at home, Hubby got hit with some sleet/snow pellets. The poor people who went to opening fishing... I've been out on lakes in this kind of weather. Not fun! I'll take a cold craft show any day! LOL!

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