Friday, July 15, 2011

Amphorae/Amromatherapy Vessels

Last month, while I was visiting my friend out of state, we visited one of her fave shops in a nearby town. It's a fabulous aromatherapy/alternative/new-age shop, Celestial Body with some great proprietary skincare products. I had packed up to visit my friend straight from my last Gooselake Artfarm show, so had a bunch of my creations with me. How fortuitous! I showed them my items, and now they carry some of LilYkaT Studios masks, spoons, earrings, pendants, & requested that I design some aromatherapy vessels for them out of polymer clay.

I had a ton of fun, designing these amphorae! Some are out of glow in the dark clay, and have inspirational words or symbols.

The bottles are glass-lined polymer clay. They can be for holding aromatherapy blends, herbs, or any small amount of liquid or dry materials. The light colored ones incorporate glow in the dark clay, for some extra energy. And cuz I'm a glow in the dark clay geek! LOL! The amphora below is a glowy one.

The fun thing about these is that they can be used for prayer bottles, spell bottles, to hold a lock of hair from a loved one, memory jewelry, or to hold chips of rocks or sand from special places. I have made a few more elaborate ones that I am stringing with semi-precious stones. Can't wait to take pics of those!

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  1. Love these little clay vessels....magical!! Thanks for sharing....I'm off to reconnect with your shop! Cheers, Patti (MissouriBendStudio)