Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Magickal Wooden Spoons on Etsy

I've started posting some of my wooden spoons to Etsy. I've been making magickal wooden spoons for 7 years now, and I've started listing some in my Etsy shop.

I've belonged to a co-ed group and a women's magickal group, and I find that (for me) a spoon used for casting a circle and directing energy gives a stronger, more feminine energy than a typical wand, athame or sword. Maybe I have a really strong affinity to wood, or maybe I just like the associations that a wooden spoon brings to mind... warm kitchens, families talking and eating together, wonderful homemade deliciousness, and the organic feel all combine for me. I had very strong, creative grandmothers, who used all of their tools at hand to the best advantage, so my strong role models were women - and my dad, who will bake bread using one of my spoons now & then! So... these spoons are close to my heart. I've had them in some local shops, and now am going on a broader market.

I've also done logos, including sports teams, family crests, and totem animals on spoons. They are so useful and different! And fun for me to make!

If anybody out in cyber space has magickal experiences with wooden spoons, let me know!

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