Thursday, August 6, 2009

The start of it all

Wow! This summer has been quite a rush, and now we're into August!

LilyKat Studio has been a registered business in MN since 2006, and we went dormant for two years, as jobs, children, and life interrupted. But... creativity will not be denied.... so we are back after our hiatus and glad to be working at LilyKat Studio again!

LilyKat started as Kat - the outgoing one, and Lily, the introvert. We learn alot from each other, compliment each other's strengths and keep the other on their toes. Then, we met Tanya! She's younger, but a kindred creative soul. She pushes us to think in different ways, which makes everything better. For all of us, creating is a passion, and obsession, and a necessity! And we love it that way! (I inititally typo-ed "live it that way" Hmmmm... that, too!)

We have always done alot of mixed media... before that was a common phrase! Kat was always putting beads and feathers into polymer sculptures, Lily was putting wire and beads onto everything, and making computer parts and fishing lures into jewelry, and Tanya was putting extras onto paintings. Our main focus is jewelry and woodcrafts, but we've been known to go off on a tangent. Pleasant surprises are always welcome, aren't they?

Now we're on Etsy, we've previously been on e-Bay and in 3 local shops. Crazy-busy, but we are never bored! Check out our shop at:

Also, Kat has alot of photos of past and present designs on her facebook page. I'll post a link shortly!

Make it a great day! ~Lily~

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